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An Introduction

In preparing to finally and officially launch HR Mouth of the South I asked our main contributors to summarize their thoughts behind why they thought it was essential for our organization to take this next step.

Heather Vogel: Launching HR Mouth of the South is a great step forward for HR Florida. We’ve set the bar in social media – now it’s time to raise it by raising our collective voices! As HR Mouth is a “blog with a purpose,” it’ll enable us to share our point of view on a wide variety of HR-related issues and topics and hopefully engage all HR professionals in a discussion that will “serve the professional” and “advance the profession.” Join us; we hope to give you inspiration, knowledge, and connections to produce positive change in our wonderful profession.

Joyce Chastain: The HR Florida State Council serves over 14,000 human resources professionals across the state.  We have 28 SHRM-affiliated chapters among our membership.  We accept our charge to serve as the conduit for communication among SHRM, chapter affiliated members, at-large members and non-member professionals.  One of the vehicles we have chosen to facilitate communication is HR Mouth of the South.  Through this blog, we will inform, enlighten, entertain and, hopefully, inspire as we share our experiences and collective knowledge.  Welcome to HR Mouth of the South.  We’re excited about this new venture and are thrilled to have you join us.

Carol McDaniel: Over the past two and a half years, as the State Conference Director for HR Florida, I have been called upon by numerous other state council directors, conference directors and chapters to help bring the same excitement to their conferences/meetings as has been witnessed by thousands at past HR Florida State Conferences. Here on HR Mouth of the South I will be doling out some sound advice around those topics –while every need is different – there is a formula for success!  I hope to be THE resource when it comes to all details, planning, designing and executing a highly profitable and successful conference!

I will also be dabbling in the area of Leadership – the good, the bad and the ugly!  Leadership has many heads, and as I sit in the midst of six years of excellent succession planning for the President of HR Florida, I’ll be sharing leadership lessons, failures and my journey along the way!  I’m the baby of the bunch as there are two very talented leaders ahead of me – lots to learn, share and do!  Stay tuned because, “The Mouth of The South” is about to be heard!

Stephen Harrison: And now my thoughts.  HR Florida has been actively utilizing social media for over two and a half years.  As the leader and developer of our organization’s social media and communication strategies, initiatives and partnerships I know fully how integral this movement has been in communicating the message of our organization and our profession.  We have taken a proactive stance in developing successful marketing campaigns through social media and other electronic communications.  We have pushed the envelope so to speak and through much trial and error have become a valuable resource to other SHRM affiliated state councils, chapters and human resource professionals across the country.

Through HR Mouth of the South I will continue to advise and share pieces of the equation that has helped lead HR Florida to much success over the past few years in regards to social media and marketing.  As editor, I will also bring you the latest topics of interest, coordinating posts from leaders within HR Florida and SHRM in addition to securing guest posts on various topics from leaders in the social media/human resource movement you all know and love.  As I have said in the past, if you are not provided with the resources you need to be successful,  you may just need to create them yourself!

From all of us at HR Florida and HR Mouth of the South, we appreciate you stopping by and hope you check back soon!

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  1. Here you guys go again leading the way in social media. Kudos to the whole HRFL gang, but my gut tells me Steve is the horse pulling this wagon! I’ll be watching and following!

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