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Energetic, Educated & Engaged…That’s Who We Are

You know, as the new president of HR Florida I’m really excited. I’m thrilled about leading this great organization (which is SO cool!), but I’m also energized about all of the good things we have in store for supporting and furthering the cause of our HR professionals across the state.

Yes, it’s an exciting time to be in HR – there is so much change and challenge going on in our economy, our businesses, and our organizations.  Let’s face it; HR has to play a critical role in crystallizing the goals and enabling the transformation.  We know it and we’re working hard to make it happen.

That’s where HR Florida comes in.  In late 2010, our council directors began looking at the past and the future of the HR Florida State Council.  We have great pride for the work accomplished over the past years in “serving the professional and advancing the profession.”  During this time, we implemented a great state-wide HR conference, offered 17,000+ HR professionals development in a wide range of critical topics, supported the SHRM Foundation as one of the leading states in donations, and worked with our 28 state chapters to put forth a myriad of opportunities for networking, communication, and connection.  We’re very proud of our chapters and our volunteer leaders in all they’ve been able to do and achieve.

As we looked to the future though, we realized that we need to focus our energies to have an even greater impact on our constituency during these turbulent times.  So, for 2011 we are embracing a new strategy:

To be the catalyst for shaping energetic, educated and engaged HR business professionals who have an influence on the field and the organizations they serve.

As an independent organization, yet closely aligned with SHRM and our individual chapters’ missions, HR Florida is uniquely positioned for this catalytic role.

Thus, to answer the question, “How will we be the catalyst for shaping energetic, educated and engaged HR business professionals?,” we’re focusing on three goals for 2011.

  • Goal #1: Building Relationships with Our Chapters. It’s our objective that by the end of 2011 our chapter leaders and members will be true collaborative partners in helping us to enhance the HR profession in the state of Florida.
  • Goal #2: Increasing Our Membership. We will work hard to reverse the trend of HR professionals pulling out of chapter or national membership when they experience major job changes or staff reductions.  We will demonstrate the ROI of staying a member in spite of challenge, while continuing to publicize the benefits of membership to individuals who are not currently a part of SHRM or a local HR association.
  • Goal #3: Offering a World-Class State Conference. The conference continues to get better and bigger every year.  We’re going to build on that success by increasing the percentage of global HR professionals, from students to senior-level directors, who come to the conference to learn, connect, and engage.

Yeah, these are huge stretch goals. They’re challenging.  And we know we can’t achieve them alone.  We’ll look for partners who can work with us along the way to help make these goals a reality. We’ll pursue an active, strategic, measured approach for the use of our limited resources. We’ll learn as we go.  We’ll be accountable, visible and forthright about our progress every step of the way.

We want YOU to be a part of this, so please share your suggestions, feedback and ideas.  Get involved – join us in being an HR business pro who is energetic, educated and engaged.

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