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Social Tech Team: Bryan Wempen

Bryan WempenIsn’t this fun!?  Here it is, announcement number four! I am ecstatic to announce that Bryan Wempen will be joining us as a member of the 2011 HR Florida State Conference & Expo Social Technology Team.

Bryan is the Executive Vice President for PeopleClues®, a global provider of Assessments and Simplified HR Technology. Their mission is to make talent management cost effective and simplified enough for any company no matter the size, industry, location or culture.

Bryan is an active member and volunteer leader of the Society for Human Resource Management.  He is the 2011 President of the Tulsa Area Human Resource Association and the Technology Leader for the Oklahoma State Council for Human Resource Management.  I am very excited to geek out and share techy and social media stories with him!

Bryan shares his thoughts in his self-named blog, Bryan Wempen. He also writes a blog called DriveThruHR and hosts a blog talk radio show with the same name.  I discovered Bryan one afternoon while catching up on tweets and reading all the buzz about DriveThruHR.

Bryan launched the DriveThruHR blog talk radio show in February 2010.  After successfully navigating through 130 DriveThruHRshows, Bryan teamed up with the always fun to listen to William Tincup in January 2011.  The revamped, daily show is focused on listening to and talking with “real” human resource practitioners.

The goal of each 30 minute show is to talk about one thing.  One thing that is keeping the guest up at night, one thing that they just solved, one problem, one vendor issue, whatever.  One thing.  They talk with one practitioner per day (M-F) for 30 minutes and take live questions via phone and/or Twitter (#dthr) stream.  Catch an episode from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM CST, I’m sure you will enjoy it!

We are very excited to have Bryan on board for 2011.  We look forward to hearing how Bryan shares his experience with our attendees and who knows, maybe we’ll have a special episode of DriveThruHR (or two) with he and William. Only time will tell…

One more day and one more announcement.  Who will it be!?  Stay tuned to find out!


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