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Social Tech Team: Victorio Milian

Victorio MilianDing! Ding! Ding! Our third big announcement is finally here! It is my pleasure to announce that Victorio Milian has joined the 2011 HR Florida State Conference & Expo Social Technology Team.

Victorio has been a retail professional and HR practitioner for over 20 years.  During the course of his career he has worked for some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. Victorio currently focuses on full employee life-cycle management, from recruitment through exit.

I originally started following Victorio before I knew who he was.  He authored his blog “Creative Chaos Consultant” anonymously at one point before he “came out of the closet” as he puts it and began to build his personal brand.  I love Victorio’s thoughts on the term “chaos.”

“Chaos” means change, which is the only sure thing in life. New business models, rapid changes in society, globalization – these are a few of the many things that are challenging established ways of doing business. That’s why it’s important that those who can affect change be willing and able to embrace it.

Over the past couple of months Victorio has been changing things up on his blog, including the title.  Goodbye “Creative Chaos Consultant” and hello “Victorio Milian – My thoughts on trying to live a life of quality.” I really enjoy his outlook and thoughts regarding his blog, keeping to the basics of encouraging conversation and inspiring readers. Sometimes the simplest of thoughts are the best thoughts.

Through his blog and other social media tools, Victorio attempts to keep abreast of workplace and social trends, continues his education in the absence of formal training by exploring topics deeply and with the support of a like-minded and well-educated community, serve as a “living resume” which will inform readers of his thoughts, opinions, and actions taken over the course of his career and have fun while doing it all.

In 2010, Victorio partnered with other big names in social media/human resources (Paul Hebert, Lance Haun, and Ben Eubanks) to create Project:  Social, a volunteer mentoring program for human resource professionals interested in social media.  The concept is to pair those who are new, nervous, or unsure about social media with more seasoned users in an effort to help improve the individuals ability to participate.

We are very happy to have Victorio working with us this year.  His work experience will provide great real life examples to our attendees and through his participation, encourage discussion.  We look forward to learning more about Project:  Social and seeing all of the great things yet to unfold for Victorio in this coming year.

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