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Never Lose Sight of Your Mission

Never Lose Sight of Your MissionIt is very interesting to look back at the past five years and realize how much has changed in relation to how various professional industries now utilize technology to educate the masses and gain experience necessary to be successful.

Think about it.  With the onset of social technology used as tools to advertise, promote and educate, organizations can reach beyond their comfort zone and their historical limits to reach an audience they have long wished to reach. This audience consists of a far greater demographic than ever before, including the business leaders who make the top level decisions that drive our companies and industries.

There has been, and will continue to be, a focus on social technology as a driving force for both internal and external business development. Leaders in the human resource industry, for example, have begun to recognize this.  We have attorneys who speak on the legalities, policies and guidelines around utilization, experienced advocates conducting sessions on how to integrate social tools in to our business and human resource strategies, and other professionals who proclaim that social branding is how we are going to attract talent into our organizations. Everyone can benefit from the ability to communicate in a far more efficient, pro-active and engaging way – it is the way we will work moving forward.

With this in mind, organizations who promote the professional development of the human resource industry, such as SHRM and its affiliated chapters and state councils, must remain focused on their primary objectives when planning events.  It is very easy to get lost in the excitement of new technology, but is essential that we simply do not lose sight of the reason why human resource professionals seek us out – to learn from the experts of our industry about human resources.  HR Florida is in fact a human resources professional association – hence our name.  We are not a social technology professional association.  Utilizing social technology is just one method in which we are able to achieve our mission and remain successful. Keeping this focus and balance will enable organizations to remain at the forefront of their industries.

Let us not forget the fact that the human resource industry relies on remaining current and in most cases ahead of trends or laws so we can bring value to the organizations in which we work.  Human resource professionals attend conferences, webinars and other events in order to remain current and develop professionally.  This development is enhanced through being social – whether in person or through technology.

Professional associations must realize the full potential of capitalizing on social technology to enhance their educational event planning strategies.  Initiatives and goals that tie into the overall mission of their organization should be developed.  Get past the obsession with the new widgets, tools and latest trends and remain focused on developing high quality events that people will want to attend from all over the globe.  These events will build and enhance an organization’s reputation and provide opportunities to share and develop best practices.  In the case of human resource professional associations, the focus must remain to advance the profession and serve the professional.

In the future we plan to share best practices from HR Florida through various blog posts in an effort to do our part in developing our profession.  We hope volunteer leaders from other SHRM affiliated groups will find this information valuable and use it to further enhance their own methods and never lose sight of their missions.

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