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Social Tech Team Profile: Bryan Wempen

Bryan WempenThis post is the first in a series that profiles the various members of our 2011 HR Florida social technology team. First up is my buddy, Bryan Wempen.

Bryan is the Executive Vice President for PeopleClues®, a global provider of Assessments and Simplified HR Technology. Their mission is to make talent management cost effective and simplified enough for any company no matter the size, industry, location or culture.

Bryan is an active member and volunteer leader of the Society for Human Resource Management. He is the 2011 President of the Tulsa Area Human Resource Association and the Technology Leader for the Oklahoma State Council for Human Resource Management.

Bryan shares his thoughts in his self-named blog, Bryan Wempen. He also writes a blog called DriveThruHR and hosts a blog talk radio show with the same name. We are very excited to have Bryan on board for 2011.

Five questions from HR Florida

We are slightly more than halfway through 2011. What one thing has occupied most of your time this year?

The year has been spent meeting with companies, leaders and HR practitioners to discuss their Candidate Experience culture.

Looking at the human resources field, where do you see the greatest opportunity right now?

Improving the quality of Candidate Experience for every company.

How has social media impacted you as an HR professional?

I consistently am introduced to HR leaders in our space, the world has opened up to the infinite knowledge available to share.

Who is influencing your thinking right now? (from any direction or field)

Tony Hsieh of Zappos is completely influencing my thinking right now.  I can’t wait to hear him speak at HR Florida!

Animal, vegetable, or mineral, and why?(the quirky question!)

Mineral: I just returned from Hawaii where the landscape is sparkled with Peridot and its just gorgeous.


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