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Social Tech Team Profile: Franny Oxford

Franny OxfordWe are currently profiling the members of our 2011 HR Florida social technology team. It’s my pleasure to present HR practitioner Franny Oxford.

Franny was a member of our 2010 social media team, and is returning in 2011. Franny is the Vice President of Human Resources at Leedo Building Solutions, and has a particular interest in operations, streamlining, and helping companies increase their margins and profitability in a sustainable way. She lives and works in Houston with her RN wife, a smallish daughter, a genius-but-deaf cowdog and wire-haired terrier who was raised in the cat section of a shelter. She says the resulting species confusion is a constant source of hilarity.

Five questions from HR Florida

We are slightly more than halfway through 2011. What one thing has occupied most of your time this year?

I’d say running, but that would be a big lie. Commuting. Commuting, erranding, and changing jobs have occupied an inordinate amount of time this year.

Looking at the human resources field, where do you see the greatest opportunity right now?

We have SUCH an opportunity to help our companies rebuild in meaningful ways. Everyone took on two or three people’s work, and now, as the economy grows, we can help restructure work for the future. What does that look like? It’s specific to that company, their competitive environment, and their staffing needs.

How has social media impacted you as an HR professional?

Social media introduced me to so many amazing people, including lots of folks associated with HR Florida. I’ve learned that I don’t have to have all the answers, as long as I have access to the experts, and have a relationship with them. That’s good news for a forgetful but friendly person like me!

Who is influencing your thinking right now? (from any direction or field)

My boss, honestly. I’ve started a new job working with someone I deeply respect, and I’m learning (maybe relearning) how to manage in a logical, process-focused way. I’m also learning quite a bit from my own self. Which is nice.

Here is the final, quirky question, Animal, vegetable, or mineral, and why?

Mineral. Preferably the kind that feeds and fertilizes vegetables, which feed animals. And so on. Deep, huh?


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