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Social Tech Team Profile: Joni Doolin

Joni Thomas DoolinThis is our fifth post featuring members of our 2011 HR Florida State Conference & Expo Social Technology Team.  Today’s post features Joni Doolin, CEO and Founder of People Report.

Joni and a small team of analysts and HR executives designed and launched the survey that became the foundation for the People Report consortium.  Today this consortium includes hundreds of brands and represents millions of employees. Recognized by the industry as a savvy and trusted research partner, People Report has evolved throughout a period of increasingly competitive business cycles to provide the information, insight and best practices that members need to grow and thrive. Today the People Report community connects employees from the “dishroom to the boardroom,” and provides the relevant workforce analytics that drive best in class performance.

Five questions for Joni Doolin

(Note:  You are going to like these answers.  You are going to like Joni.  Definitely take the time to meet her at the conference and talk with her.  I promise it will be well worth your time!)

We are slightly more than halfway through 2011.  What one thing has occupied most of your time this year?

Creating and executing People Report Summer Camp & Digital Brand Camp was a huge endeavor – because it was new for us.  Worth it!  Stabilizing, improving, and growing our new Human Capital Intelligence software platform –  we now track and report on over 1 million employees every two weeks.  Fall is always consumed with our own People Profits Planet conference, and this year a lot of other great events where we are speaking or just attending.

Looking at the human resources field,  where do you see the greatest opportunity right now?

HR is in the cat bird seat right now if we can figure out how to connect the dots between consumer and employer brand.  The wildfires of technology, social media along with a demographic freight train and skill set issues have thrust us into the most disruptive workplace any of us have ever experienced.  We need to show up every day ready to be part of transforming our businesses into 21st century workplaces that WORK.

How has social media impacted you as an HR professional?

Well for starters, somehow I ended up on the Social Tech Team at HR Florida – which never would have happened if I didn’t spend time getting to know people on twitter, especially you Mike.  Connecting with HR & business pros through social media, the ability to follow conferences and learn from outside experts, the daily news digests and resources – I can learn more, faster today, than would ever have been possible even two years ago.  It is also a phenomenal way to stay connected to our People Report community, and deepen those relationships.

Who is influencing your thinking right now?  (from any direction or field)

I am deeply impacted by the emerging business model of conscious capitalism, connected capitalism, whatever you want to call it, that holistically accounts for and cares about people, profits and planet.  We cannot change the market place or the workplace by incrementally improving our structures, processes and practices.  It is time to examine all of them in light of the speed of change, globalization and the wreckage of this recession.  David Houle, author and futurist is one of the brightest minds available to us on twitter @evolutionshift along with J. Walker Smith,  Chairman of the Futures Company @jwalkersmith.

Animal, vegetable, or mineral, and why? (the quirky question!)

We have two dogs, a three legged cat, a one winged swan, more cats, two ospreys and a partridge in a pear tree. It’s always about the animals.


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