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Social Tech Team Profile: Kris Dunn

Kris DunnThe sixth member of the 2011 HR Florida social technology team to be profiled is Kris Dunn, who just happens to be a member of the very first HR Florida blogging team back in 2009.

Kris is an HR practitioner with a wide and deep understanding of the HR field. He is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer, and a partner at Kinetix, an Atlanta based HR firm services firm. He is also a Contributing Editor at Workforce, and the mind behind the some of the best known blogs in the HR field, the HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent.

Five questions from HR Florida

We are slightly more than halfway through 2011. What one thing has occupied most of your time this year?

There’s not one thing, but the thing that’s occupied me most is thinking about the best way to implement marketing automation software that allows us to identify prospects and candidates, then push content that might interest them in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage.

Looking at the human resources field, where do you see the greatest opportunity right now?

Marketing your brand to differentiate who you are. Tim Sackett had a post on the 5 talent profiles he’d look for first if he where a Fortune 500 HR leader, and the one that most people don’t have is a brand manager for the HR department. HR is historically terrible at marketing themselves and the brands they represent, which means if you do it and do it well – you’re 1 in 100. That means competitive advantage.

How has social media impacted you as an HR professional?

It’s made me a much better HR pro. I have access to a network and expertise that I never would have had access to without it.

Who is influencing your thinking right now? (from any direction or field)

I find myself reading more and more stuff from venture capital pros like Mark Suster nice mix of business, technology and talent.

There always has to be a quirky question, right? So, Animal, vegetable, or mineral, and why?

Mineral. Don’t even know which one, only mineral because a friend has told me I have to watch Breaking Bad on AMC, and the logo is straight from the elements chart. (Editor’s note from MV: Gold, my friend, pure gold…)


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