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The Grasshopper Becomes the Teacher

Lisa Rosendahl

Words with Friends is my new distraction.

The first few games, I looked for high-quality words but my words were quickly followed by words like mu and sorb. What the heck? I’d like to say it was the word nerd in me that asked the question but it really was the competitor in me because these tiny little words were racking up the points.

So, I started to venture out and loosen up my word choices. Would anyone think any less of me if I used a little purfle or qat here and there? Next thing you know I am creating words, slipping vowels in between and along side letters, and racking up the points.

grasshopperSharing my new found prowess on Facebook, a friend noted, “and the grasshopper becomes the teacher.”

When it comes to conferences, I am not your typical HR professional. I have been to 2 SHRM conferences in my career. Until recently, my impression of HR conferences was walking into a convention center full of swag-laden HRCI credit seeking colleagues watching them accept the same ideas without question or passion and begin morphing into one indistinguishable HR mass.

When I think about it, I get the cold sweats.

I don’t want to talk about HR the way people always talk about HR. I don’t want to talk about policies, procedures or police.

Talk withme about re-energizing a wall-flower incentive awards program, linking everything workforce development to the strategic plan or responding to changes in leadership styles. Talk with me about upward mobility and whether tuition programs are a benefit of employment, a talent management tool with expectations or something completely else.

Talk with me about how it all starts with 1 HR professional and how, working together, we can change the course of a profession.

Talk with me about this and I am hooked.

And that’s why I am heading to HR Florida 2012 State Conference and Expo. When it comes to connection, change and chewing on ideas HR Florida is different.

Come little grasshopper …

Lisa Rosendahl, SPHR is a practicing HR professional with over 18 years experience in leading people, inspiring commitments and managing change. Lisa has held human resource leadership roles in both public and private organizations and with the Federal government. Lisa is an active participant in social media, she writes about leadership, growth and human resources at and is the editor and co-founder of Lisa lives in Minnesota with her husband and daughter.

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