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Mission Possible

2013_HRFlorida_main-banner-225x188 (1)No longer should you consider growing in your career as mission impossible.

Listen up!  We have a way to make this mission possible!

Each year we strive to kick things up a notch and bring you dynamic and thought provoking speakers, content and experiences which will in turn help you further develop in your career.  The 2013 HR Florida State Conference & Expo is no different.

This year we bring you three keynote speakers that will provide exciting and memorable opportunities for you to learn and grow.

Aron Ralston

aronx125Aron Ralston is the incredible man whose life-changing story inspired the film 127 Hours.  After being pinned by a half-ton boulder for nearly a week in a remote three-foot-wide slot canyon in southern Utah, Ralston narrowly escaped death by severing his right forearm with a dull pocketknife. After applying a tourniquet, he hiked and rappelled for five hours through Blue John Canyon before searchers in a helicopter miraculously rescued him.  A powerful inspirational speaker, Ralston touches the hearts of audiences nationwide through his tale of survival, tapping into the fundamental human experiences of facing and surmounting obstacles.  [Learn more]

Sheila C. Johnson

sheilax125Sheila Johnson is a groundbreaking business woman and entrepreneur.  Among many successful roles in her career, she is the CEO of Salamander Hotels and Resorts and a founding member of Black Entertainment Television (BET).  Johnson knows how to take calculated risks and how to surround herself with smart people.  And, in today’s challenging business environment, hard work and collaboration cannot be overlooked.  In her engaging presentation she imparts lessons learned—including how to create the right corporate culture and the importance of embracing technology.  She also stresses the importance of being a “work in progress” to ensure future success.  [Learn more]

Peter Sheahan

peterx125Peter Sheahan is a well respected expert on the issues of generational change, workplace trends, and rapidly changing employee and consumer expectations.  As founder and CEO of ChangeLabs, a global consultancy delivering large-scale behavior change projects, he has worked with clients such as Apple, Google and IBM in the areas of innovation and change.  The author of six books, including the international bestsellers Fl!p and Generation Y, Sheahan focuses on teaching leaders and companies how to flip their thinking, make money in the cracks and find opportunity where others cannot.  His presentations shift leaders out of the world as it used to exist and into the world as it exists today.   @petergsheahan [Learn more]

Are you as excited as we are for this year’s conference and exposition?  Three powerful keynotes, a jam-packed schedule of master series and concurrent sessions, all at our new venue – Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Visit us today to register and learn more about this year’s event.

hdx100Heather Deyrieux, SPHR is the Director of Client Services at, Central Florida’s #1 career website serving clients of all sizes with their hiring needs.  Heather currently serves as the 2013-2014 State Conference Director for the HR Florida State Council.  Outside of HR, Heather is an avid baker and cook always trying new recipes and a shoe lover who aims to always look fabulous.


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