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Sarah Williams: HR’s Grumpy Cat

Sarah Williams

What are you most looking forward to about #HRFL13?

I always enjoy the sharing and learning I gain from HR Conferences. I know this one will be no exception. The HR Florida Conference & Expo is one of the best conferences in the nation. I’m excited and honored to be a part of it.

Why should an HR pro care about social media?

HR should care about social media because people are involved in it. The people we work with, the people who work for us, the people who want to work for us – all of them are involved or touched by social media in some way. This means it is going to impact our workplaces – so we have to care about it and know about it. And hopefully, use it to our advantage.

How have you seen the HR landscape change since the adoption of social media?

Social media adoption forces HR professional to think more like marketing professionals. We are concerned about message and brand in a way I haven’t really seen in HR before. It is a good thing and I’m excited about it.

Grumpy Cat

Which social media platform or application is your favorite?

I can’t live without Hootsuite. Being able to schedule and automate my content is critical with how busy my days get. Instagram is my new favorite because pictures really are worth 1000 words. I love seeing thru other people’s eyes with the photos. And Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. It fulfills my need for retail therapy without spending a dime!

What is your favorite internet meme? What do you think that says about you?

I love Grumpy Cat!! He cracks me up!! I think I have a little Grumpy Cat in me. For those that don’t know me andespecially at work, I am a cool and sometimes cruel customer because I’m pretty candid and seemingly unaffected. Those that know me well know my grumpy disposition is just my personal kind of cuddly!

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you Sarah! I thinking a liking to grumpy cat is just a known fact for most HR people. It’s in our nature! Look at what we work with every day! 🙂

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