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How does your company define it’s leadership culture?


Clueless leaders believing they have a vision for the future, yet are so out of touch with reality that they completely alienate their teams.


Unilateral decision-makers that have no understanding of the impact of their actions on not only the organization, but their personal reputations as well.


Lots of meetings, and changes, and more meetings. But never a clearly defined plan.


Threats and intimidation are the primary vehicles to achieve the company’s “goals.”


Unnecessary people involved in areas they have no business leading, yet are assigned to significant areas of responsibility.


Repressed leaders feel trapped and either succumb to the dysfunction, or jump ship and excel with competitors.


Ego-maniacs that constantly chase the latest “management fad” instead of setting the example of the culture they so proudly squawk about ad nauseam.


Maybe life is different for you.

Your culture is driven by a team of dedicated people who are willing to go through tremendous change because they believe in how great the organization can become.

They know that mindsets have to change, new ways of working have to be embraced, and stale institutional processes and paradigms need to make way for the modern world.

Which leadership definition do you use?

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Jay Kuhns, SPHR has served as the Vice President of Human Resources for All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine in St. Petersburg, FL since 2008, and has nearly two decades of human resources experience in the healthcare industry.  He gets fired up about lots of things including social media, his leadership blog NoExcusesHR, doing HR differently, and watching more hockey than anyone should.


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