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Chris Ponder: Leery of SweetTarts

What are you most looking forward to about #HRFL13?  

Since attending #HRFL11, I have definitely wanted to come back because the discussions that take place encourage you to evaluate your current thoughts on the profession and your individual role. I am most looking forward to getting to discuss the profession with great minds and bouncing ideas and discussion of what is trending, what is working, and how we as HR professionals can continue to impact the field.  Plus, I am looking to reconnect with some great folks I haven’t seen in a while.

Why is social media important to you as a Human Resources Professional?

Social media is important to me as an HR professional because it allows me to connect with thought leaders in the industry who I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to connect with in my local network. Additionally, social media affords me the opportunities to continue to develop my personal and professional development through access of information to include blogs, research, news articles, presentations, etc.

Which social media platform or application is your favorite?

HootSuite because it allows me to manage all of my social networks.

What is your funniest/best HR story?

One of my funniest HR stories comes from when I first started in HR as a recruiter for a gaming organization. I recruited candidates into a variety of positions across food and beverage, gaming, housekeeping, you name it. One day I had a candidate come in, sit at the desk, and pull out SweetTarts while she filled out her application. In the midst of eating the SweetTarts, some of the SweetTart powder ended up on the desk. So she proceeded to lick the powder off the desk – in front of everyone. Gross, but she definitely made our day.

What is your favorite internet meme?  What do you think that says about you?

My favorite internet meme is the Harlem Shake because it demonstrates the possibility of people focusing on an end result and achieving that end result through creativity, fun, and coordination. Now, in selecting this internet meme as my favorite, what does that say about me? I honestly cannot tell you. Are you able to tell me?

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