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Three Words

3One of the best things about a new year is all the posts, articles TV spots on how to improve yourself. Whether it’s losing weight, getting a new job, making the most of your life your family, your house, your finances – it’s endless.  I admit, I always feel a little pressure to jump on the bandwagon and grab hold of one of the many self-improvement books tackling a topic that hits home and start motivating myself and those around me to make a change or improve something.

It’s who we are.  We all look to the New Year as a fresh start and a clean slate to “get it right this time.”

I subscribe to Chris Brogans’ “Sunday Newsletter” via email and what I really love about these emails is he writes likes he is having a conversation with me – talking directly to me.  Chris is the publisher of Owner Magazine, a digital publication catering to the business and the owner and will be one of three tremendous keynote addresses at HR Florida’s State Conference in October.

When it comes to a resolution I really like Chris’s Three Words. He’s been doing this since 2006 and I’ve seen a lot of my colleague’s state what their three words are for 2014. It seems simple, but truth be told I think it’s tough for most to wrap their minds around and give focus to every day.

So let’s make a pact – three words. What three words will be your course for 2014 and beyond?

For me, these are the words that I will focus on and work towards making them part of my every day work.

Create – Share – Engage

Happy New Year!

About the Mouth

carol_mcdanielCarol McDaniel is the Senior Vice President at Kinetix – a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm.  Carol’s background combines extensive Human Resource consulting, recruiting, marketing and advertising expertise.  With her strong understanding of the many challenges in today’s competitive labor market environment she is considered a subject matter expert in the employer marketing and branding process.  This expertise has proved to play a crucial role in the development of talent management and acquisition strategies for her clients.  Carol is a frequent speaker at HR and SHRM events, national programs and training seminars to focus on the areas of talent acquisition and talent communications. Carol also volunteers her time with the HR Florida State Council and serves on the Executive committee as the the President-Elect.  Read more from Carol here.


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