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Building on a Foundation of Great Experiences

Okay, so I have to admit, I do buy into the theory that things do happen for a reason and they are not just luck or luck of the draw. I think there are many factors that play into that as well as the individual has to be open to see and accept certain circumstances in their work life and personal life as being stepping stones to getting to where you are meant to and meant to do with your life.

Alright, my philosophical side crept out. Don’t judge me.

build a foundationWhen you look back at the experiences you’ve had – failures and successes, you have to see that all of those lead you to where you are today, or are the stepping stones for what is yet to come.

As many of you know I’ve spend the last 2 years working for Kinetix, and working with a tremendously talented group of people. Love the energy and enthusiasm of the recruiting team and leadership and really enjoyed the brand and what Kinetix brings to the table in terms of approach to Human Resources.

I think that each opportunity brings you closer to what your passion is and your true talent rises to the surface – sometimes it’s your friends dropping subtle hints, sometimes it is like a light bulb that flicks on in the middle of the night.

My light bulb has been flickering for a while, and once it stayed lit, I knew where my true calling was.

As I start my 3rd day as the Director of Talent Acquisition for All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine I already know I made the best decision!

All Children’s Hospital is a very special place to work just merely because of the work they do for kids. When I drive across I-275 and the sun is rising on the gorgeous building, I know this is where I was meant to do some of my best work.

I am heading up recruiting for this facility of over 3200 employees that hires over 500 employees every year in to positions that changes lives – how awesome is that?

I am working with some of the most talented people in the industry like Jay Kuhns, who has already elevated the status of All Children’s as the leader in healthcare recruiting – I get to take it up a few notches – how cool is that?

So, hit me up at the new gig and check out my new digs at and watch for me as I continue my work with HR Florida as the incoming President!

About the Mouth

carol_mcdanielCarol McDaniel is the Director of Talent Acquisition at All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Carol’s background combines extensive Human Resource consulting, recruiting, marketing and advertising expertise.  With her strong understanding of the many challenges in today’s competitive labor market environment she is considered a subject matter expert in the employer marketing and branding process.  This expertise has proved to play a crucial role in the development of talent management and acquisition strategies for her clients.  Carol is a frequent speaker at HR and SHRM events, national programs and training seminars to focus on the areas of talent acquisition and talent communications. Carol also volunteers her time with the HR Florida State Council and serves on the Executive committee as the the President-Elect.  Read more from Carol here.


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  1. Congrats, Carol. Glad you found the passion AND a place that allows you the creative ability to exercise that passion too!

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