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HR Mouth of the South is the official blog of the HR Florida State Council, an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  HR Florida jumped into the “social HR” movement back in 2008 when we identified a need to find a better, more effective way of sharing our vision and achieving our mission.

Vision:  We will serve the profession as the premier resource for best practices to the public and Florida human resource professionals.

Mission:  We will achieve our vision by engaging members of local chapters, partnering and educating our communities on emerging human resource trends and providing strategic direction to those we serve.

At that time we launched our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts followed by hosting the inaugural “blogger panel” at our 2009 annual state conference.  The panel consisted of HR practitioners strategically chosen to aid us in covering the social HR movement and its impact on the profession.

In 2010 we launched HR Mouth of the South, a business blog that focuses on human resources, leadership, professional development and social media.  Since that time we have continued to build our organization’s brand and participate in the social HR movement.  We continue to strive to be a trailblazer for other SHRM affiliated chapters and councils across the globe.

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Profile of the HR Florida State Council, Inc.

The HR Florida State Council represents over 16,000 SHRM members across the state of Florida. HR Florida is a 100% volunteer entity whose primary objective is to support the mission and initiatives of SHRM through education. We coordinate professional development efforts, and serve as the conduit for communication among SHRM and chapters as well as at-large members.

The state of Florida has 28 SHRM affiliated chapters and those chapter presidents sit on the Council. In addition, because of the size of Florida, the state is divided into eleven geographic districts with district directors that provide support to the chapters in their region. A president and executive committee manage the daily operation of the Council.

There are also several standing committees that represent the key areas of focus either for the HR profession or within the HR Florida association. Some of those areas include certification, diversity, global affairs, governmental affairs, membership, professional development, technology, and workforce readiness.

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