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Name: Joyce Chastain
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May 20

It’s No Accident

It's no accident

I’m feeling frustrated. For the last seven years I have served on the Board of HR Florida State Council. It’s an organization that I believe in and have heavily invested in. We are the State affiliate of SHRM—the national professional association for human resources professionals. I have been a member leader of this organization for …

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Jun 24

Leadership Lesson Learned at #SHRM13

succession planning

The Importance of Succession Planning  Our state council is very fortunate.  Each time I have an opportunity to interact with other state council leaders I’m again reminded of just how well positioned we are.  That’s not an accident.  It’s the result of diligent planning, effective marketing, judicious spending, historical thought leaders and, perhaps most importantly, …

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Apr 17

Relish the Silence

One of the smartest men I have ever known did not fill silence.  Police interrogators use this tactic.  When they ask a question of a person of interest, they wait.  Even if they get an immediate answer, they wait.  Usually the interviewee will share more.  They will expound on their answer and perhaps share information …

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Mar 20

Drama Bees

Whenever we face a workplace crisis of any proportion, we get to witness the character of the leaders.  Do they work toward resolution or do they focus on the drama? In my line of work, I frequently assist clients through various crises:  claims of sexual harassment, allegations of employee theft, etc.  One thing always stands …

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Dec 05

Be mindful of those snarky off-hand comments

Just Kidding!

I recently was the target of one of those sharp little communication darts that was intended to be a quasi joke. You know the type of comment I mean.  Sometimes they’re followed by, “just kidding.” Buried within the snarky joke-like comment is usually the speaker’s true opinion. It’s the point that they’re too intimidated to …

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